No Child Left Behind


A year of action, with events, actions and activities to raise awareness of child poverty in Cheltenham. Cheltenham Borough Council and its partners were recently presented with very thorough data to suggest wide chasm between the opportunities and outcomes for children in poverty and their more affluent peers. This number is estimated at around 4,300 young people who is facing a significant risk with poorer education and higher risk of being victims of crime, obesity, social care and self-harming. 


To kick start the initiative armed with powerful and eye-catching branding. The logo is to be 'child-friendly' however not 'childish' with the project being aimed at primarily adults with the intension of the 'stamp' to be used as a wider campaign in future opportunities. 


Designed to be bold and powerful using striking colour combinations to suit all age groups and gender. The logo font pulls through elements of a child-friendly feeling with rough outlines and un-even edges whilst still having the capability of portraying the important nature of child poverty in Cheltenham. Solid block colour and linear strokes have been used on particular letters to visually display the significance of a child with emptiness or of disadvantage from their peers due to poverty. For extra aesthetic appeal, a simple child-like icon has transformed the letter ‘i’ in ‘child’ to give immediate impact upon first look.


Allowing No Child Left Behind to meet it's launch date with a successful visual identity to begin the 12 months ahead of positive events and activities which aim to help out young people in trouble in Cheltenham.